With today’s release, Timelines offers an entirely new set of rich formatting features. With the latest version, you can start using rich formatting options like lists and indents along with BoldItalics and Underline options.

You will notice a new toolbar above the keyboard with all the available options. The toolbar is scrollable therefore swipe with your finger to discover additional options:

Initial formatting options
Additional formatting options after swiping


Select the text you want to bold and tap the B icon to apply the formatting.


Select the text you want to italicise and tap the I icon to apply the formatting.


Select the text you want to underline and tap the U icon to apply the formatting.


To begin a bulleted list, tap the bullet list icon.
To begin a numbered list, tap the numbered list icon.
For either type, pressing Enter at the end of a line will begin another item.


Select the text you want to indent and tap one of the indent icons to either indent to the right or to the left.

Text Alignment

To align right, tap the right alignment icon.
To align centered, tap the center alignment icon.
To align left, tap the left alignment icon.
To align justified, tap the justified alignment icon.


Select the text you want to strike through and tap the strike through icon to apply the formatting.


To add an emoji to your post, click the emoji icon in the bottom left corner of the keyboard.

Now you can tell your story with more visual styling options to help you express yourself with much more freedom. We will be adding new formatting options in the future so stay tuned!

Timelines helps you tell your story to future generations. 

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